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Area D OCP Review


































Electoral Area D
Official Community Plan Review

Planning for the Future!



The draft Bylaw 276, “Oyster Bay-Buttle Lake OCP Bylaw, 2017” is now available! [A red lined version identifying significant amendments will be posted shortly for convenience purposes.]

Draft OCP Maps:

Bylaw No. 276 is a result of input received through a series of public open houses and meetings to review the 1996 Official Community Plan (OCP) for Electoral Area D (Oyster Bay – Buttle Lake). The final round of public consultations, which included 3 public meetings consisting of two open houses and round table discussions) were held to present draft policy updates to ensure they reflected the community’s desired future for Area D and were completed in April 2017.


Following the most recent public consultation meetings, the final draft Bylaw 276 was completed May 1, 2017 in hopes of being presented to the Electoral Areas Services Committee (EASC) in May. Unfortunately, although completed, the item did not make it on the May EASC agenda. The draft Bylaw 276 was scheduled to be presented to the Electoral Areas Services Committee on June 7, 2017, however, the item was removed from  the agenda at the beginning of the meeting at the request of the Electoral Area D Director. As a result, the Bylaw did not receive the legislated required support for 1st reading by the Committee to allow the bylaw to continue through the legislated approval process.

The process leading up to the final draft Bylaw 276, which included public outreach, community visioning, in house research, drafting of policy content, follow-up public consultations and presentations and discussions on draft policy updates included in the document provided a sound consultation process. This is backed by the most recent open house sessions conducted on April 11, 2017 and April 18th, 2017 at the Oyster Bay Resort. During the combined meetings, close to 135 Area D residents participated in a detailed review and discussion on draft policy updates. The story boards from the 2017 public consultation sessions and a detailed summary of the discussions and comments received during both the 2013 and 2017 sessions are available at Summary of Meetings.


Bylaw 276 still awaits consideration by the Electoral Areas Services Committee prior to being able to begin the legislated process for adoption. Following support of 1st reading by EASC and adoption of 1st reading by the SRD Board, the draft plan will be referred out for First Nations consultation and agency review. Upon completion of that process, the bylaw will be amended as required prior to 2nd reading and the regional district will proceed with the legislated process for adoption of the plan. This includes a public hearing, 3rd reading of the bylaw and final adoption of the plan by the SRD Board.

The timeline that was to be presented to the EASC at the June 7, 2017 meeting was as follows:

Milestones 2017 dates
Introduce the revised OCP bylaw (Bylaw No. 276) to the Electoral Areas Services Committee (EASC) for consideration of first reading June 7 EASC
Introduce the revised OCP bylaw (Bylaw No. 276) to the board for consideration of first reading, to allow the formal bylaw amendment process to commence; and schedule a public hearing to be held on September 21, 2017 as required by the LGA. June 22 Board
Refer Bylaw No. 276 to the Area D APC and Board approved list of First Nations and applicable agencies, including the Agricultural Land Commission  ***Note:  the LGA requires that the ALC is referred the document prior to public hearing. June 23-July 24
Present referral comments received and any proposed amendments and acknowledge that the OCP is considered in conjunction with the financial plan and in the absence of a waste management plan under Part 3 of the Environmental Management Act, prior to providing an opportunity to the Board to consider giving second reading of a potentially revised Bylaw No. 276 August 9 EASC
August 24 Board
Hold a public hearing. September 21
Depending on the results of the public hearing, the Board can consider third and fourth reading of Bylaw No. 276. October 11 EASC
October 269 Board

As Bylaw No. 276 was removed from the June 7, 2017 EASC agenda, the above timeline will now require adjustment.  This timeline will be updated once staff receive further direction from the EASC and/or SRD Board.

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Additional comments, questions or concerns may be directed to Aniko Nelson via email at, or by telephone at 250-830-6708.

To view the content of the current Official Community Plan (Bylaw No. 1857) click here.


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