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Pool Schedule - Sep to Dec 2017
Aquatic Fitness & Weight Training - Sep to Dec 2017
Aquatic Facility Information
Pool Safety

Lane Etiquette 

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The aquatic facility has a main swimming pool as well as a leisure pool, hot tub, dry sauna, steam sauna and waterslide.  See below for more information: 

Main Pool:

  • 37.5 meters long x 14 meters wide (6 lanes) - for most swims the bulkhead is kept 25 meters from the deep end wall (40 lengths = 1 km; 64 lengths = 1 mile)
  • Depth varies from 0.75 to 3.2 meters deep
  • Holds 192,212 imperial gallons of water (874,000 litres)
  • Temperature is kept between 80° and 82° Fahrenheit
  • 4 ladders, 2 sets of stairs and 1 chair lift
  • Equipment includes:  lane ropes, diving board, rope swing, volleyball nets and basketball hoops

 Leisure Pool:

  • Free form pool shape with an area appropriate for swimming lengths that is 25 meters long
  • Depth varies from 0 to 1.4 meters deep
  • Holds 30,800 imperial gallons of water (140,000 litres)
  • Temperature is kept between 88° and 90° Fahrenheit
  • 2 ladders and 1 chair lift (shared with hot tub)
  • Equipment includes:  spray bar, water columns, bubble pit and geysers    

Hot Tub:

  • Approximately 30 sq. meters
  • Depth varies from 0 to 1.25 meters deep
  • Holds 4,200 imperial gallons of water (19,100 litres)
  • Temperature is kept at 102° degrees Fahrenheit
  • 1 stairs, 1 ramp and 1 chair lift (shared with leisure pool) 


  • 25 metre x 36 inch Aquatube water slide with a deceleration lane 

Dry Sauna:

  • Cedar sauna holds a maximum of eight patrons
  • Approximate temp is 140°F Fahrenheit 

Steam Sauna:

  • Tile sauna holds a maximum of 16 patrons
  • Approximate temp is 120° Fahrenheit              


  • The aquatic facility is equipped with 3 changerooms
  • The family changeroom is designed for adults with small children and/or patrons with disabilities 
  • Patrons with disabilities have priority access to the wheelchair accessible changeroom stalls in the family, men’s and women’s
  • School aged children (6+) must use the gender appropriate changeroom and/or the family changeroom under adult supervision.

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In our pool you must:

  • Wear clean & appropriate bathing attire.
  • Take a cleansing shower with soap and warm water before entering the pools or saunas.
  • Ensure all children under the age of 7 are closely supervised (within arms reach) and accompanied in the water by a responsible person at least 16 years of age.  We recommend a maximum of three children under the age of 7 to one adult.
  • Report all accidents/incidents including contamination or fouling of the water to a lifeguard.

 The following is not allowed in our pool:

  • Entering the pool while ill—this includes open sores, bandages, head colds, discharging ears or noses or infected eyes.
  • Strollers or outside shoes on the pool deck.
  • Entering the water if there is not a lifeguard or swimming instructor on duty.
  • Bringing food, gum or drinks in the pool area.  Drinking water in a non-glass container is acceptable.
  • Running, fighting, or engaging in other conduct likely to cause an injury.
  • Foul language or aggressive behaviour .
  • Contaminating or fouling the pool.
  • Diving is only permitted in depths of 2m or more.  Diving in the deep end of the main pool is acceptable.
  • Using or being under the influence of intoxicants.
Articles on the pool deck are left at your own risk.  Lockers are available in the changerooms for your convenience.  Please keep benches clear.

Theft is a concern in our changerooms. 

To secure your belongings,

please bring change (coins) for a locker:

$0.25 for a small /$0.50 for a large

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301-990 Cedar Street, Campbell River, BC  V9W 7Z8  phone: 250-830-6700 or 1-877-830-2990  fax: 250-830-6710

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